Marble Floors Cleaning

  • Bring two quarts of distilled water to a rolling boil. Because the minerals in regular tap water can damage and discolor marble, always use distilled water.
  • Carefully pour the hot water into the bucket with your mopping supplies.
  • Attach a soft mop head, such as microfiber, to a plastic mop handle. Wooden mop handles and metal hardware can scratch marble flooring.
  • Mop the floor damp (but not dripping wet).
  • Use one of these products to clean your marble floors to your preference.
  • Hot water and your marble-safe cleanser are all you need to clean the floor. Take care not to overwet the flooring.
  • Fill your mop bucket with clean, cold water and rinse your mop.
  • To get rid of the cleaner and any remaining filth, wet mop the floor once more with clean water.
  • You can dry your marble floor by hand or foot with a bath towel. Because marble contains iron oxide, cleaning solutions allowed to air dry may cause rust stains when exposed to moisture.
  • There are other techniques to keep your marble floors clean besides regular sweeping, dust mopping, and a complete cleaning every month.

Getting Rid of Scuffs

A tennis ball is ideal for removing shoe scuffs and other surface blemishes from marble floors. Furniture legs should have felt padding on the bottom to protect your marble from being scratched. Doormats can also reduce the quantity of dirt and dust that enters your home from the outside.

the process of protecting and maintaining marble floors

Think about doing it yourself or hiring a professional to seal your marble floor. A marble sealer penetrates the marble to protect it from stains and buildup. Cleaning marble floors will be easier and quicker for those who have sealed marble floors because you won’t have to remove stains. It’s a simple DIY job for those who want to get their hands dirty, and you’ll find a wide variety of sealants at your local hardware shop.

Once you’ve learned how to keep your marble floor’s luster and elegance, what’s next? Every room in your home may benefit from our library of field-tested housekeeping guides, which can speed up and simplify your daily activities.